19 March 2012

WASHINGTON 76 Northwestern 55 (F)

Things looked promising for NU for about the first 10 minutes of the game.  NU's 1-3-1 defense flummoxed Washington and held them scoreless for 5 minutes while NU built a 17-9 lead.  From there the Huskies would score 23 points over the next 6 minutes to take a 32-23 lead.  Not coincidentally it was during this run that NU went away from the 1-3-1 defense and Washington's superior athletes took advantage.  NU switched back tot the 1-3-1 which again created another 4 minute dry spell for the Huskies, but NU only managed to close the game to 28-32 during that span.  By halftime Washington held a 39-32 lead.

The second half.  There is that.  Lots of bad things happened.  Not many good things.  Washington quickly built a 19 point lead by the 16 minute mark, and it was over.  It was a sad end to Johnny Shurna's career, but he did go out scoring in bunches (24 points) at least. It was too bad no one else joined him.

We wish Johnny well as he strives for the NBA.  It was a real pleasure to watch you play these past four years.  And we thank you for four winning seasons which hasn't happened in forever (if ever?) at Northwestern. Know that if and when NU makes the NCAAs in the near future you had a major hand in getting NU in position to make that leap.