04 March 2012

Bubble Watch: March 4, 2012 Edition

Even though fellow bubble teams fared well as expected NU's win over Io_a meant yesterday was still a good day for NU.

Bracket Project updated its matrix again this morning.  There are 13 brackets listed as a March 4 update.  We'll go with those 13 for our Watch List (15 teams).

Watch List (# of brackets out of 13)
11 BYU (12)
12 NU (11)
12 Mississippi St (10)
12 Xavier (10)
12 Washington (9)
12 Seton Hall (9)
13 VCU (9)$
13 Texas (8)
South Florida (8)
Miami Fla (6)
Arizona (4)*
Tennessee (3)
Dayton (3)
NC State (2)*
Oregon (2)

* denotes game today
$ denotes conf tourney game today

Changes in Watch List
West Virginia, Colorado St and Connecticut up to NCAAs.
St Josephs went 0/13 bracketologists- now in NIT.
Seton Hall dropped down onto bubble with loss at Depaul.
South Florida down onto bubble with home loss to WVU.
Tennessee moved up to bottom bubble with win over Vandy.

Yesterday's Games Recap
NU won! West Virginia scored a minor upset at South Florida.  Amazingly every other bubble game went as expected which meant that only Washington and Texas lost. 

Today's Games (Bubble Team Win Probability %)
George Mason "at" VCU (73%)
Arizona (85%) at Arizona St
NC State (43%) at Virginia Tech

At Large Bid Threats
Illinois St vs Creighton (68%) - MVC Finals