01 March 2012

Addendum to Ohio St game recap

We've run the Carmody Court Ratio ("CCR")** figures for the Ohio State game last night.  NU's offensive CCR was 0.26 points per possession and its defensive CCR was -0.18.  On the bright side only Purdue had a more efficient offensive game against OSU's vaunted defense this year than NU last night.  On the down side Ohio State's offense has been more efficient on only three occasions (Purdue, Duke, and their NU beat down in Columbus).

Overall NU had a CCR of 0.09 points per possession which is NU's second best B1G performance this year.  Normally this would be good enough for a victory, but it wasn't quite enough against OSU because they are just that dang good.

** CCR is the term we've coined for our efficiency statistics discussed over the past year.  It is equal to Opponent's Efficiency net of Opponent's Average Efficiency within Conference Play adjusted for game location.