11 March 2012

Bubble Watch: March 11, 2011 Edition

Bracket Project has made our job easy and done our dirty work for us by showing just the 37 brackets with a March 11 update.

Last Four In (# of brackets out of 37):
NC State (34)
South Florida (28)
Seton Hall (27)
Drexel (21)

First Four Out
Mississippi St (15)
Washington (7)
Miami Fla (7)
NU (4)

Next Five Out
Iona (4)
Tennessee (2)
Marshall (1)
Dayton (1)
Oral Roberts (1)

Bubble Games Today:
Xavier vs St Bonnies: Xavier must win to prevent bid theft.

Things don't look good, but all hope is not lost.  Jerry Palm is our biggest advocate, and NU fans everywhere have been trying to rationalize his genius and demonize Joe Lunardi and his NU-pessimism.  We don't know about all that, but judging by last year's bracket matrix results three of the first four out made it into the field.

There is good reason to watch the Selection Show today.  How optimistic/guarded/pessimistic/whatever you want to be while watching is entirely a personal decision.  Let's just keep our fingers crossed for Dayton!