01 March 2012

Bubble Watch: March 1 Edition

Same 16 team Watch List as the last two days.

Turning the page to March is going to be distressing to some.  With NU's loss last night and some nice wins by other bubble teams NU is going to fall to around the cutoff line.  And that's before any at large berths are taken by upset minded teams in conference tourneys over the next 1 1/2 weeks.  Just confirms what we already know: gotta win at Io_a this Saturday.

Watch List (# of brackets out of 57)
11 + West Virginia (54)
11 Washington (54)
11 BYU (53)
11 - Xavier (53)
12 - NU (50)
12 + Cincinnati (49)
12 - Miami FL (49)
12 + Texas (48)
12 + Mississippi St (43)
12 Arizona (29)
++ South Florida (19)
+ Colorado St (18)
VCU (16)
- St. Josephs (13)
- Dayton (12)
Oregon (5)

++ denotes big wins on 28th/29th
+ denotes win on 28th/29th
- denotes loss on 28th/29th

Yesterday's Games Recap
South Florida made the biggest move last night with a big road victory at ranked Louisville to plug up a hole in their resume.  Cincinnati continued to solidy its resume with a nice home win over Marquette.  Colorado State also scored a home upset over UNLV.  Misissippi St avoided some damage by winning at South Carolina in OT.  Texas continues to dangerously flirt with popping their bubble with a narrow home win over lowly Oklahoma.  Miami FL missed an opportunity for a nice road win at NC State.  Colorado St missed out on an opportunity to become a serious bubble team by losing to UNLV at home.  St Joseph's and Dayton lost on the road and now are in need of A-10 tourney runs.

Today's Games (2)
Washington (75%) at USC
Colorado at Oregon (71%)