05 April 2009

Paging D Coleman. Paging J Thompson

Care to revisit your excitement over this year's Big East? No doubt that the Big East was the deepest and most talented conference this year. The Best Ever? Nahhh. That is unless the Big East can somehow lay claim to Sparty and Izzo's bunch.

Michigan State continued its march with another shockingly easy victory down the stretch over UConn. That makes two Big East bad boys knocked out by MSU. Not bad. Not bad at all.

MSU now takes on UNC, which defeated Villanova --the last of the Big East titans, in the title game. MSU got waxed by UNC at Ford Field back in December as part of the ACC-B10 challenge. Has there ever been a rematch like this in tournament history? Doubtful. Regardless, much has changed since then -- most importantly Sparty's health. UNC is the favorite as they are stocked with NBA talent (again). I think UNC will win as talent has a way of winning out in the biggest of games. Win or lose, Sparty can be proud of its run.

PS: In a move that is sure to surprise many followers of college basketball, Seth Davis picked Carolina to win. Maybe Sparty has a chance after all!