19 March 2012

Carmody Polls

The Trib, Wildcat Report, SoP, and LTP have binary polls on Carmody's future which essentially boil down to the following:  Fire him?  Yes or No.

The Trib has the most respondents (1750+ at the moment).  67% say keep him.

SoP had 207 respondents of which 60% said to keep him.  SoP, which is reluctantly in favor of firing him, has reissued the poll under the premise that the wording may have led to erroneous results.  About 200 respondents on the re-vote, and still 60% want to keep him.

LTP of course had been champing at the bit all season to preach from his bully pulpit that Carmody should be fired.  Not surprisingly like minds are attracted to that website and 2/3rd are in favor of firing Carmody.

Wildcat Report poll has 58% of respondents are in favor of keeping Carmody.

What to make of all this?  None of these polls are scientific, but we have to believe the Trib comes closest to the 30,000 foot view on Carmody given its broader readership. 

We find it completely unsurprising that LTP is quite negative.  Totally useless for benchmarking the broad view on Carmody since it is mostly comprised of squeaky wheel types. 

It's interesting to us that SoP which is a blog that is fairly balanced in tone on Carmody still is clearly in Carmody's corner despite the bloggers speaking out otherwise.  Perhaps a third vote is in order to get the results you want Roger?  We just messing with ya.  We know you just wanted to clear up any possible confusion on the first vote.

Our own poll finds that 100% of respondents are in favor of keeping Carmody.  This should carry the most weight of all with Dr Jim Phillips.  Obviously.