18 March 2009

Thank you seniors

You have helped turn this ship around at long last. Unlike previous visits to the NIT, the next season has as much if not more promise than how the current one ended.

Craig Moore was a great senior leader, both by example and vocally. He will be missed. Here's to winning the 3-point contest at the Final Four, Craig.

Sterling Williams was selfless and paved the way to local recruiting success, the key to NU's future. I was very happy for Sterling when he played a key role in a stirring victory @ Purdue this year.

Lastly, much appreciation to Patrick Houlihan and Marlon Day who did much of their worked behind the scenes and helped made our starters and bench stronger through their dedication and hard work.

THANK YOU! I hope you take great pride in what is to come for this program. You truly were the pioneers and played a key role in leading NU out of its 70+ years in the wilderness

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