16 March 2009

The crazy things fans say

The NIT-Style Historical Revisionism Edition...

I've seen several claims that NU has a history of futility in the NIT, that NU typically goes "one and done" or bows out when matched-up against a local opponent. Well here are the facts:

NU 71 Notre Dame 57
Depaul 65 NU 63

NU 69 Depaul 68
Xavier 83 NU 79 (OT)

Depaul 69 NU 64

NIT Summary:
vs Depaul (1-2)
vs Notre Dame (1-0)
vs Xavier (0-1)
Overall (2-3)

Conclusions: Once upon a time when NIT was an independent tournament (it is now run by the NCAA), the NIT must have had an unwritten rule that NU would be invited only when Depaul was in the NIT and that NU had to play Depaul or Notre Dame. NU went "one and done" once out of three berths, and NU was 2-2 against "local" programs.

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