12 March 2009

NIT Bound?

So much for the hope of a 2 game run in the Big Ten Tournament and an invitation to the NCAAs. NU went one and done thanks to a 16-0 Minnesota run in the first half and Northwestern turning ice cold down the stretch. NU did manage to take a small lead late in the second half, but the momentum seemed to switch on a dime as Jeremy Nash clanked 2 free throws and Moore couldn't land a long range dagger. NU's first ever NCAA berth will just have to wait 'til next year (for a change, NU fans can mean it when they say it).

Northwestern took large strides this year but in the end came up just a bit short of the mark. I feel for Craig Moore who stepped up his play once again this year and took on the leadership mantle and thrived in that role. I expect to see Craig sitting right behind the bench next year in our first round game in the Big Dance with a big smile on his face.

The NIT awaits NU as a reward for a 17-13 and 8-11 season. The question of whom will be NU's opponent and where the first game will be answered in due time. NU fans have reason to be optimistic for an NIT run. Many NU fans have eyed Notre Dame as a potential first round foe. That would be a fun match-up and give us a chance to get a close look at former Wildcat recruit Luke Harangody who received much preseason praise.

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