19 March 2009

The crazy things fans say

NCAA Tournament Edition:

"If NU wants to be in the top 34 teams in the country (which is where you essentially have to be in order to get at least an at-large bid to the NCAA) the Cats must start attracting at least top 40 recruiting classes. Can Carmody and Hardy combine to do that? I have my doubts. "

The top 34? Really? Funny, the lowest at-large this year was a 12 seed. Other years it has been as low as a 13 seed and (to my recollection) no higher than a 12 seed. Perhaps this fan is no math major, but last time I checked the highest 13th seed translates into the #49 team in the country. It would be more accurate to say that NU needs to be in the Top 50 with some compelling wins on its dossier and Top 45 if not.

I do agree that recruiting is the key to the future. Top 40 classes are doable for NU once it gets over the hump. The old chicken and egg thing... Good thing that NU will be breaking through the glass season next season and dancing in the NCAAs.

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