27 March 2009

Elite Eight is Set

We are now at the square root of the original tourney field (after play-in game), and this tourney continues to go largely as expected. The Big East has lived up to its lofty billing, the Big XII has exceeded expectations, the Big Ten has acquitted itself and set the stage for next year, the Pac 10 went about as expected. In short, all the major conferences have performed about as expected except for the ACC which has been exposed as a fraud (Duke, which bowed out after the S16, is the latest ACC team to come up short of expectations).

Elite 8 by conference:

Big East (4) -- 1 Pitt, 1 Louisville, 1 UConn, 3 Nova
Big XII (2) -- 2 Oklahoma, 3 Mizzou
Big Ten (1) -- 2 Michigan St
ACC (1) -- 1 Carolina

Looking forward, will all the 1 seeds advance? I say not. Most likely candidate for falling short? All are vulnerable, but I think UConn is most vulnerable -- especially with the recruiting violations distractions swirling about.

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