19 March 2009

The crazy things fans say

The Crystal Ball Edition:

"If we don't make [the NCAAs] next year, it'll be another 3-4 year rebuilding process, and we've seen how those go . . ."

I'm as big a Kevin Coble fan as the next guy (Nash and Ryan will also depart after next year, but context suggests this comment was motivated only by Kevin's departure), but to insinuate that NU will fall off the map after he graduates is at best giving the guy too much credit and at wost giving the current sophomores (Juice, Capocci, Peljusic) and current frosh (Shurna, Mirkovic, Rowley, Fruendt, Curletti) too little credit.

It's hard enough to predict from year to year, let alone two years out. There are too many x-factors which no one can say pin down with any degree of certainty. These x-factors include:

  • How strong will the Big 10 be (injuries, transfers, early departures for NBA, etc...)
  • How the current players on the roster will develop next year (and the following year)
  • How strong will the incoming frosh be (Crawford, Marcotullio)
  • Who will be in the Class of 2010 (currently looks like 3 scholarships will be available)

Crystal balls are fun and add to message board fodder. However, I always find it remarkable how confident some people are in their prognostications. I realize that I have my own crystal ball which forecasts NU in the NCAAs next year. I honestly believe this to be the case, but my projected confidence in that forecast is made in jest. Perhaps this fan is bluffing his crystal ball confidence? It's possible, but this poster's history suggests otherwise.

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