06 February 2012

On Stephen Bardo

One of our favorite parts of a Northwestern upset victory is watch the other team's fan base combust.  We aren't surprised that the warped Germans have come up with a word for this specific type enjoyment: schadenfreude.  It's a guilty pleasure of ours, but it isn't one the seven sins as far as we know so we can still look ourselves in the mirror.

Anywho there is some great reading over at Illini HQ from the past day or so.  The place was already hell bent on firing Bruce Weber, and yesterday's loss just added fuel to the fire. During our gratuitous lurking we noticed a post that nearly made us gag.  Bardo is a good announcer?  WTF!?!?!?!?  We still are haunted by his broadcasts last year in which literally EVERY NORTHWESTERN GAME he used the same old "Juice Thompson is 5'10" only if he's standing on a NY phone book" bit.  It wasn't funny the first time Stephen, and it was torture by the end of the season.