28 February 2012

Bubble Watch: Feb 28, 2012 Edition

We have a New Watch List that incorporates predictions from 57 bracketologists that were reported by Bracket Project as published on the 27th (16 teams).  With bubble teams out of action last night this is probably one of the cleanest and most complete looks we will have at the bubble.

Note that we excluded four teams with just one vote (NC State, Illinois, Colorado, and Stanford).  We also dropped one bracket because it's just so darn wacky (The D-World Society excluded Alabama yet no other bracketologist has them lower than an 11 seed).

Watch List (# of brackets out of 57)
11 West Virginia (54)
11 Washington (54)
11 BYU (53)
11 Xavier (53)
12 NU (50)
12 Cincinnati (49)
12 Miami FL (49)
12 Texas (48)
12 Mississippi St (43)
12 Arizona (29)
South Florida (19)
Colorado St (18)
VCU (16)
St. Josephs (13)
Dayton (12)
Oregon (5)

Changes in Watch List
Illinois and Minnesota moved down to NIT.

Yesterday's Games Recap

Today's Games
Xavier (13%) at St Louis - Punch 'em in the mouth Majerus
Depaul at West Virginia (89%) - Will WVU's funk continue?