24 February 2012

Bubble Watch: Feb 24, 2012 Edition

No Bracket Project update so same deal as yesterday.  16 bracketologists have updated their crystal balls as of the 22nd and 15 more have the 21st as their most recent update.  We use those brackets for determining our watch list.  Pluses denote wins on 22nd or 23rd.  Minuses denote losses.  Good wins/bad losses are double your pleasure.

Watch List (# of brackets out of 16/31)
11 - BYU (15/30)
11 Mississippi St (13/28)
11 + Cincinnati (13/25)
12 NU (12/26)
12 Washington (12/22)
12 Colorado St (12/14)
12 + Arizona (10/19)
12 Xavier (9/21)
12 Miami FL (8/20)
Texas (8/18)
+ VCU (5/9)
- Central FL (5/8)
-- St Joseph's (5/7)
- South Florida (5/7)
Illinois (3/5)
- Minnesota (3/5)
Oregon (3/4)
NC State (1/7)
+ Dayton (1/5)
+ LSU (1/2)

Yesterday's Games Recap
Cincinnati helped their resume with a home win over ranked Louisville.  Arizona avoided a bad loss by defeating USC at home.  BYU missed a golden opportunity to bolster their resume with their loss at Gonzaga. 

Tonight's Games
None officially on the watch list.  West Virginia is getting close to the bubble if not already on it.  They battle Marquette in Morgantown with both teams playing on just two days rest.  Nice scheduling there Big East.  The 'eers are expected to lose with 55% probability in a one point nail biter.  Sound familiar?  Marquette could help out NU by doing to WVU what Michigan did to us on Tuesday night.