19 February 2011

From the "fans being fans" department

So our mouth was agape when, in the aftermath of NU's obliteration of Iowa at the Carver last month, redbirdhawk wrote something we never thought we'd read about a Northwestern team.

Flash forward to the aftermath of NU's narrow victory over Iowa on Thursday. Now catfan5's post on Lifting Program:

"Our team really needs to join this century and develop a good program. Iowa was physically bigger. You could see the visible difference in their arms. The only player on our team who has any size is Capaocci (sic), but he is small compared to other teams. The lack of girth/strength certainly hurts us on the boards."

Not that so much we disagree with catfan5. It's the juxtaposition which is amusing. Just goes to show the old saying about opinions and assholes rings true.