10 February 2011

Second trimester report card

So NU got a solid "C" for the first trimester of Big Ten results. How did NU fare in the second trimester now that another six games are in the books?

Projected: 4-1
1st Trimester: 1-0 (Indiana)
2nd Trimester: 1-0 (Michigan)
Difference: 2-1 (Iowa, Penn St, Minnesota)

Low Hanging Fruit
Projected: 2-1
1st Trimester: 1-0 (at Iowa)
2nd Trimester: 0-1 (at Michigan)
Difference: 1-0 (at Penn St)

Projected: 2-2
1st Trimester: 0-1 (Michigan St)
2nd Trimester: 1-1 (W: Illinois, L: Wisconsin)
Difference: 1-0 (at Indiana)

Projected: 1-5
1st Trimester: 0-3 (at Purdue, at Illinois, at Michigan St)
2nd Trimester: 0-2 (Ohio St, at Minnesota)
Difference: 1-0 (at Wisconsin)

2nd Trimester Grade: D+

NU picked up some bling at long last, and NU was oh so close to notching that elusive Wheaties game against Ohio State. NU also nearly picked up that low hanging fruit in Ann Arbor but couldn't quite complete the comeback. Had either of those two losses come out differently things would have a much better look for Northwestern's NCAA dreams. Well it didn't and now NU is up against it.

Technically NU hasn't play itself out of 9-9 yet. In each category NU can make the target or even exceed it. To make the target the path of "least resistance" would be for NU to sweep the egg home games and win 2 of 3 road games at PSU, Indiana and Wisconsin. That's a very tall order for a team that is just 4-8 in conference so far and would be worthy of an A grade for the third trimester.

We would be more optimistic about acing third trimester if John Shurna were healthy. Instead of slowly recovering from his ankle sprain Shurna has gotten even more dinged up after suffering a concussion and now a hurt wrist.

Where is Mr Miyagi when you need him? NU is need of a miraculous crane kick right about now.