13 January 2011

From the "now I've seen everything" department

Re: Just got back from the godawful NU game

"One thing that was very clear last night, viewing the game in person: The NU team looked like men playing against boys. The difference in physique was remarkable. The three European players were most notable.

NU was a very physical defensive team, and were allowed to get away early with a lot of hands on defense that pushed Iowa out of their comfort zone. Gatens and Cartwright had to work their ass off to get open.

And I don't believe for a minute that May's groin isn't bothering him. That particular injury is sneaky, and will linger the rest of the season. It can greatly hinder his explosiveness, his jumping, and his cutting ability."

Posted by "redbirdhawk" on the rivals message board 1/13 5:28 PM | IP: Logged

Many NU fans will be rubbing their eyes when they read this gem.