09 February 2011

Two pivotal road games this week

A close loss to Ohio State and a win against Illinois on CBS at the Welsh has hearkened back talk of NCAAs among the Wildcat faithful. We're all about optimism around here, but this talk is really getting the cart before the horse.

NU currently has a 4-7 conference record with a likely loss at the Kohl looming large. Under our running assumption that 9-9 gets NU onto the bubble NU must somehow go 5-1 in its games outside of Cheeseland. That is some pretty thin ice we be skating.

This week will go long a way in determining whether NU's NCAAs dreams are upgraded off of life support or if they are deep sixed. NU has two road games starting with a game at the Crisler tonight and another one at the BJ this weekend. NU is installed as a 2.5 point dog against Michigan and is projected to be a slight underdog at Penn State.

* Two losses and NU fans will have to pin long shot hopes on winning the BTT.

* Two wins and NU stands at 6-7 with 9-9 a real possibility.

* A split and the margin for error is nil.

NU has had Wolfies' number of late while the Ninny Lions have had NU's number. If NU is to achieve at least a split this week then it best put on a good effort tonight. Make it so.

NU's magic number: 6