21 February 2011

Presidents Day Big Ten Power Rankings

Much has happened since our last power ranking from MLK day. So let's get to it.

1. Ohio State. Lost a couple on the road to fellow elite. It happens. (no change)
2. Wisconsin. Final Four in the offing? (+1)
3. Purdue. Imagine if they had Robbie Hummel. (-1)
4. Illinois. Enigmatic. (n/c)
5. Michigan state. Lucas is baaaack (n/c)
6. Michigan. Beilein on hot seat? Ridiculous! (+2)
7. Northwestern. Shurna is baaack. (n/c)
8. Minnesota. No point guard=first round NCAAs exit (-2)
9. Penn State. Too little, too late. (no change)
10. Iowa. Juco PG is a baller (+1)
11. Indiana. Who's your daddy! (-1)