22 December 2011

On tonight's game at Creighton

We have been surprised to read how jacked the BJs are for this game.  Coach McDermott has implored the good people of Omaha to rock the 17K seat house tonight.  Not impressed?  Wait there's more!  The BJs have sent two free tickets to season ticket holders to help pack thy house.  Not coincidentally the students are on break but let's be real.  Creighton ain't exactly a national destination so chances are that student section will be packed with the sizable local student population who "went home" for the holidays.

BJ fans are also talking up the game.  There is a long thread over at bluejayunderground that ponders when was the last time Creighton has hosted such a big game.  Holy smokes!  Not to belittle our beloved Wildcats but life must be quaint in good ol' O-town.

Did ya know that Coach McDermott only recruited his blossoming star of a son, Doug, only after he left Iowa State for the "hilltop"?  If this were nationally broadcast there is little doubt we would've been force fed this info.  As it is the national media have missed the ball on this exciting game and only a local affiliate is picking this game up.  ESPN has added the game to their Full Court menu which makes us yawn even more than an ESPNU feed.

If there is a MO on McDermott coached teams it is that they play close to the vest.  Fundamental man defense.  Protect and share the ball on offense.  Protect the defensive glass.  McDermott is blessed with probably the best offensive team of his D1 career but is cursed with maybe his worst defensive outfit.  Sound familiar?

NU is a 7 point dog tonight.  That jives with kenpom's forecast which gives NU just a 28% chance at victory.  Coach Carmody has defeated Coach McDermott twice in the past two years (at the Chicago tournament two years ago when he was at Iowa State and last year when the BJs were blown out of E-town).  This is a game that NU very well could win.  If it were in Evanston then we'd feel more confident.