27 December 2011

B1G Power Rankings: Conference Eve Edition

1.  Ohio State  Don't be surprised if they hold this spot throughout.  
2.  Wisconsin  Dominating defense.
3.  Michigan State  Legacy rights.
4.  Indiana  Drinking the candy stripe koolade. For now.
5.  Purdue Hummel needs another threat to emerge.
6.  Michigan  Still meh on the Wolvies. Too much national media influence?
7.  Northwestern  Chicago's B1G Team!
8.  Illinois  Weber's seat is warming up.
9.  Minnesota Impressed by post-Mbakwe showing. Can they do it in B1G play?
10.  Nebraska Big drop off from #9.
11.  Iowa At least they play fast.
12.  Penn State NU better sweep these guys.