17 December 2011

NU 70 CCSU 64 (F)

We've got to hand it to CenConn. They (principally frosh stud Kyle Vinales but also seniors Horton and Ptacek) came in ready to play, and they darn near won the game if it were not for poised play from Reggie Hearn and Drew Crawford down the stretch.  JerShon Cobb is still getting back in the flow.  His shooting eye is true (3-5, 9 points in 16 minutes), but he made a couple of sloppy passes (he wasn't alone).  The center position played well as one would hope against an undersized opponent.   And Dave Sobolewski made his best Juice Thompson ironman impression going 40 minutes. 

Many people are gnashing their teeth over John Shurna's relatively poor game (3-14, 1-9 for 12 points in 36 minutes).  Folks let's not lose our minds.  Shurna is Shurna which is to say he is our all-star.  Even all-stars can have a down game or three. 

Next up for Northwestern (9-1) is Eastern Illinois (6-3) an also-ran in the Ohio Valley Conference.   Unlike today's game this one should be another cupcake blowout.   Game is on BTN.  Huzzah for out-of-town studentatics who can finally catch a far away glimpse of this team.