19 December 2011

NU 87 E Ill 75 (F)

What a difference a day makes.  Johnny Shurna couldn't do much in Saturday's game against CenConn.  A day later he was unstoppable against Eastern Illinois.  Shurna had 32 points (11-14, 9-12), 5 assists, and 2 blocked shots against the E Illers.  In contrast Reggie Hearn, who tallied 17 crucial points in the narrow victory over CenConn,. was held scoreless last night.  It's statistics like these which make it a fool's errand to try to get too fined tuned in one's game and player predictions.

The other player of note was favorite NU fanatic whipping boy Luka Mirkovic.  In 29 minutes of play Luka netted 18 points  (7-12, 0-1), grabbed 10 boards, and was 3 assists shy of a triple double.   Not bad.

Next up is the much anticipated trip to Omaha to tangle with the Creighton Blue Jays who are hovering around the bottom of the national Top 25 rankings.  Creighton plays at Tulsa tonight in what is sure to be a closely dissected game by NU fanatics in a futile attempt to forecast Thursday's game.  We're hoping Creighton blows out Tulsa.  It's much better that way than have the BJ's coming off a loss and feeling like they need to come out and prove something against NU.