14 November 2011

What is a Bronc?

Just who are the UTPA Broncs?   After three years you'd think that NU diehards would already know.  Then again most of us still think of them as the Broncos.  The Broncs are one of those 50-100 teams that only a procrastinating blogger whose team has crossed paths would know next to nothing about.  Just in case you want to waste some of your braincells with useless knowledge.... the Broncs play in the six team Great West Conference which is in its third year of existence.  The Great West Conference makes just about as much geographic sense as the current incarnation of the Big East.  But, that's where the Big East comparisons begin and end.  The Big East is regularly one of the power conferences in college basketball while the Great West, well, has ranked behind those unruly Independents in power ranking and are in close competition with the Southwestern Athletic Conference (no this is not the conference f/k/a SWC!) for worst conference in all the land.  The best fun fact we could find here is that NU has played another Great Wester, Chicago St. Yes that fun fact is pretty lame. 

We get that it is tough for NU to schedule non-conference opponents, but really?  Three years in a row?  After two years of nearly suffering the blackest of black eyes at their, errrrr, hooves?  No disrespect to Bronc Head Coach Tom Schuberth who is a friend of the program and of Northwestern, but if we never ever again schedule the UTPAers we would be quite fine with that.  Their unis are pretty snazzy, and they are well coached (per the esteemed Sean Morris), but they are Northwestern-squared, a team that is to be avoided at all costs by Northwestern-type teams.  A loss to them is unthinkable even for teams desperate to fill schedules -- and they are well coached enough to make it happen to a sleep walking major.

It is tempting to compare this year's results to those in past years.  Must.Resist.Foolish.Temptation.  It is tempting to extrapolate player's performances in last night's game to season-long effort.  Must.Not.Fall.For.Trap.

NU won the game 60-36.  NU started both frosh guards and former walkon Reggie Hearn.  Crawford and Marcotullio subbed in as they are recovering from ankle injuries.  Cobb was a DNP as he recovers from offseason hip surgery.  And that's all we have to say about that.