17 November 2011

LSU 41 NU 32 (H)

Shurna has come to play, but no one else really has.  Shurna has half of NU's points and probably close to half the rebounds.

Crawford looks ok on defense but has yet to get in the flow offensively.

Our guards look pretty bad.  Sobo is getting consistently beaten on the defensive end whether in half court or on fast break.  He needs to box out. 

Marcotullio doesn't look improved.  Same lazy passes, same gambling defense.

Where is Demps?  He is more fleet of foot than Sobo so he should be able to handle the defensive end better.

The good news is that is probably as bad as NU can look, and the deficit is just nine points.  This game is winnable.  Lineup for most of 2nd half should be Mirk, Shurna, Crawford, Cobb, and Demps.  We need athleticism out there to tighten down the defense.  The shots should start falling on offense as we were about as cold as can be not withstanding Shurna who is Steady Eddy.