02 November 2011

New (Old) Carmody Court Feature

Glance to your right.  You may notice something new and different about this blog.  Take a second and hone your observation skills.  Why yes! A countdown clock has been added to this feature rich virtual soapbox.  Some of you old timer Carmody Courters may recall that two seasons ago we integrated this clock into our game previews.  Last season our schedules did not permit for regular previews so we did away with this feature.

We've added it back for this season because 1) we are as excited as ever about this season, and 2) our technical guru showed us how to add it to the blog outside of post entries. The presentation of the countdown clock is not perfect (seconds are hidden) -- this is yet another case of "you get what you pay for" as our geek squader wannabe is devoting his time "pro bono."

Now we're no Latin experts in these here parts (our time is too scare to devote effort to learning a dead language -- certain papal states not withstanding).  Truth be told we prefer to spend our time becoming experts on Latinas.   Anywho we've been given assurances that pro bono does not mean our tech ween friend flooded the DWTS box with votes for Chaz Bono.  Not that there would be anything wrong with that...

The keenly observant may notice that the clock shows Robert Morris (IL) visiting "NWU" on the 7th.  We made this "typo" to pay homage to the mind numbingly boring banter back and forth this week between Northwestern and Nebraska fans as to which school can use the "NU" shorthand.  Shirley you can't be serious!