14 November 2011

LSU Tigers -- quick snipet

The LSU Tigers are NU's first opponent down in Charleston SC.  Countdown clock has been updated for the 2pm tipoff on Thursday.  Tigers have a "diaper dandy" -- be very thankful DukieV will not be on the call. 

They are coached by Trent Johnson whose name may be familiar to NU diehards as he coached a couple of Stanford teams that defeated the Wildcats.   Those of you who are hoping NU sneaks up on the Tigers with the Princeton O are going to be sorely disappointed.

The Tigers have a decent name as an SEC team that has had some pretty stellar players (Shaq-daddy, Big Baby, Tyrus Thomas).  However, LSU is not a world-beater at least under current collective pundit wisdom.  In fact kenpom.com has them projected to lose a game at Coastal Carolina on Tuesday night.  [UPDATE: LSU did in fact lose to the Coastal Carolinans]  Oh that wily Trent Johnson..... getting his squad out to the Carolinas before the Charleston Classic to acclimate them to playing before unfriendly crowds in the dense sea air with palmetto scent wafting about.  We tip our cap to you Coach Johnson, or should we call you Garry Kasparov?