08 January 2014

Why are Northwestern fans counting their chickens before they hatch?

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
  - The Life of Reason, George Santayana

Much has been made of CCC's first recruiting class.  CCC's Fab Five (the "C3F5") is headlined by Vic Law.  Each of the other recruits has an accolades-laden ("accoladen"?) resume of his own to varying degrees.  And how about those youtube videos!!!!! Athleticism galore.

Of this we are certain.  This class of five comprise players who better conform to CCC's desired basketball skill sets than CBC's Princeton Offense oriented roster.  That makes this recruiting class a positive step towards Northwestern basketball's future.  Beyond that there's not much to go on other than hype hope and "hape" [hape: short hand for hate for princeton offense].

The merry three Hs of rhyme have Northwestern fans intoxicated with dreams of future glory.  "This is why dr jim hired CCC" some explain.  "This is the best class EVER!!!" others rejoice.  A few have even callously suggested that "CCC should clean house and get more of these young wunderkinds".  Yada yada yada.

Of course anyone who is a fan of Northwestern will be cheering for the C3F5 and hope the hype is realized.  That includes us at Carmody Court.  Welcome to our fair school and God speed gentlemen!

Here's a thought.  Maybe just maybe it would be a good idea to keep these expectations in check.  Have the giddy forgotten that this is Northwestern basketball?  Hope springs eternal but #NUEra is just a catchy slogan that despite CBC's short-circuited heavy lifting isn't somehow detached from the program's moribund history.

The other day McDonald's released their list of 2014 All American nominees.  Vic Law is on there.  So is Gavin Skelly!  See?  More proof that Northwestern has never had this kind of talent infusion before!

Correction.  It has.  Over the past five years CBC either signed or had oral commitments from 12 guys to play basketball at Northwestern.  It will shock the hapers that 5 of these guys were McDonald's AA nominees.  Crawford.  Marcotullio.  Cobb.  Abrahamson.  Sina.

If you do the math 5 divided by 12 is slightly more than 40%.  40% just so happens to be equal to 2 divided by 5 or the percent of C3F5 who were nominated. 

Marcotullio?  Abrahamson?  Yes.   They were nominated yet somehow three of C3F5 were not.

In other words let's not count our chickens before they hatch.