03 January 2014

GAMBLE Report 1.10

NW (7-7, 0-1) trailed Wisconsin (14-0,0-1) 14-40 at halftime in snowy Evanston yesterday evening.  The biggest question of the night was whether or not NW would crack the 40 point mark.  They did thanks to the heroic efforts of one Alex Olah (23 points).  Yeah!

kenpom predicted NW to lose by just 7 points.  kenpom ain't infallible and has had a tough time getting a bead on Wisconsin for whatever reason.   We knew better.  As does kenpom now.......

This was an across the board epic fail of a game.  An already moribund offense slipped 9 spots further back to #261 in the nation while the defense took an even bigger 14 steps back to #60.  As a team NW dropped 18 spots to #143 and is now 11 spots behind 2013.  CCC is now officially negligent. 

What we see out there is not a Northwestern product.  That is why until further notice we will be abbreviating beloved Alma Mater not as NU but with the layman's NW.  Don't like it?  Tough.  Besides Northwestern is in desperate need of a W.  Any W.