06 January 2014

GAMBLE Report 1.11

Northwestern (7-8, 0-2) traveled to Ann Arbor for a Sunday morning game against a McGary-less Wolverine squad (10-4, 2-0).  NW kept it within double digits for a half before Michigan gradually pulled away to a 23 point win in front of a bored Crisler Arena crowd.  Welp.

Statistically speaking the game was not as boring.  For the CCC-led 2014 NW team continues to sink to new lows.  This time the wildcats stunk up the joint so completely that kenpom shows that each of the four factors worsened.  Not just on offense which was as abysmal as ever. Defense too.  The wheels are starting to come off.

Overall NW is now ranked #155.  That is 12 steps in the wrong direction and now 23 spots worse than 2013.   AdjO dropped back 5 rungs to a mind numbing #266 ranked offense.  The AdjD slipped 4 more rungs.  That friends is #horribad.

The outlook for the season gets grimmer by the game.  That one point home victory predicted over Purdue?  It's now a home loss.  NW is still predicted to eek out 1 point home victories over Penn State and Nebraska, but even that is bound to change if when NU can't hang within 20 at Iowa City on Thursday night. 

In his Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens used snow to symbolize peace hope and joy.  Snow abounds in E-town but all we can feel right now is numbness from the miserable icebox-like temperatures.

It's going to be a VERY trying couple of years which will require all of us sorry NW fanatics to muster every last ounce of patience.  We know now that CCC is incapable of coaching players who do not conform to his offense.  The hope is that he will be able to recruit well enough that he can coach up a winning B1G team.  A couple of McDonalds AAs would help turn our frown upside down because all we can see right now is an inexperienced coach who will need to recruit better athletes than your average B1G team to get the job done.  That is a very tall order with all of the institutional deficiencies dragging CCC's ship.