04 December 2013

Paging dr jim

We just wanted to quickly say thanks.  Thanks for focking us NU basketball fans over for this season and likely next season.  We haven't had reason to forget about the team since our buddy Kevin O'Neill roamed the sidelines.   We need the break after that exhilarating football season.  Can't have too much fun being an NU fan now can we?  Thanks again doc for thinking of our well being.

CCC has the built in excuse that he doesn't have the players for his system.  That is true.  Doesn't make it go down any easier especially knowing that CBC would've had NU at worst 8-1 right now and not 4-5 and with no hope.  Yeppers!  The dr Jim gamble is really starting to hit home now.  Tune back in two years to see how it looks to be panning out.

We do appreciate the laugh from that basketball savant LTP.  Check out this gem of a quote:  "It’s also been flat out unfair to Coach Collins to have Drew Crawford’s injuries hampering the roster against tough competition."  Seriously?  Two missed games for one player and it's poor CCC.  Yet last year three players were gone for entire conference season including Drew and a fourth was lost halfway through conference--and what did BC get?  Sorry coach you had your chance already.  That's the way the cookie crumbles.  Thanks for the laugh oh wise one.