05 December 2013

GAMBLE Report 1.06

NCSU 69 NU 48

It was ugly as the score suggests. In fact so ugly that we feel compelled to start comparing this train wreck of a season to another train wreck season: 2013.  Behold the new and improved GAMBLE Report! 

The comparison to the NIT years is getting outright pathetic.  #144 NU is now ranked 78 rungs lower than during the NIT years.  The #157 offense is a woeful 132 spots worse, and the #147 defense is only 24 better.  So much for the hopeful notion that improved defense would offset diminished offense.

Now the 2013-14 seasons and 2012-13 seasons are train wrecks for completely different reasons.  Last year it was extraordinary personnel losses. This year it's CCC's inability to make effective use of a roster geared toward the Princeton Offense.  The former was unavoidable but the latter was.  Thanks again dr jim.  Can we stand up and pull up our pants now?

This season is quickly shaping up to be similar or even worse than last season.  That's right.  CCC has a full complement of CBC's players** and his team is looking like it might compare unfavorably to last year's team that had just 7 scholarship players by the time it had to travel to Columbus on Valentines Day.

Hard to believe?  Look at that last line of GR 1.06.  Incredibly NU is currently ranked 12 spots worse than last year.  Not only was CBC able to squeeze out more offensive production from his severely depleted lineup but the real shocker is that he coaxed them into slightly better defense to boot.  Wow.

** Mike Turner and Jaren Sina may beg to differ.