15 November 2013

On the Chris Collins Gamble

So Dr J went and hired himself Chris Collins.  Our reaction?  In a word: GAMBLE. 

In some ways the hire makes perfect sense.  Local boy.  Young and energetic.  Reputed strong recruiter.  Son of a generally well-regarded former Bulls head coach.  Right hand man to Coach K.

In other ways this has the makings of a total clusterf#@#k:  Zero head coaching experience – the first such hire in the Big Ten in over 40 years!!!!  Zero experience recruiting to a school with NU’s reputation.  Not to mention the dude is a former Dukie player AND coach.  The former just makes him annoying, but the latter makes him potentially the next on the list of failed Coach K acolytes.

What’s done is done.  No use crying over spilt milk.  Water under the bridge.  Time to turn the page.  Bygones.  Fill in your own blahdidety blah blah saying here that speaks to the calm and rational approach to the changing of the guard.

Only time will tell whether this GAMBLE pays off.  We sincerely hope it does.  Though we can’t help ourselves from keeping a running tally of how the experiment is going.  Do indulge us as we compare from time-to-time the Carmody past with the Collins present…