23 November 2013

GAMBLE Report 1.04

NU trailed the IUPUI by 11 points midway through the second half but rallied to a 63-61 win.  The game changed when 3-2 NU went to a 2-3 zone.  Who is IUPUI?  Does it matter?  They were ranked 296/351 by kenpom.com prior to the game.  Their heady play at the Welsh boosted them to 278. 

Sanjay Lumpkin was our player of the game.  His stats were not that impressive but that was because foul trouble limited him to 26 minutes. 

Enough of that recap.  Let's get to it:

GAMBLE Report suffered from the IUPUI nailbiter.  NU's overall ranking dropped to a season-low #113.  Both offense and defense efficiencies dropped with defense now at its season-low ranking.  Offense continues its general trend of better protecting the ball.  Free throw rate dropped which combined with poor shooting explains why this game was so close.  NU's defense continues to improve its adjustment to the new foul rules, and the defensive rebounding continued to improve (see Lumpkin).