14 January 2011

MLK Weekend Big Ten Power Rankings

Off to the wild blue yonder this weekend so we wanted to get our much anticipated MLK Weekend power rankings out there now.

More so than in any previous year (which is one) the big ten power rankings look to be highly variable. That is because the conference is pretty darn deep and no game can really be taken for granted. So here we go...

1. Ohio state. Undefeated for maybe another week (no change)
2. Purdue. Solid team, jobbed by refs at Minn. (+2)
3. Wisconsin. Bo Ryan doing his thang. (+1)
4. Illinois. Front court barometer. (+3)
5. Michigan state. Inconsistent guard play. (-2)
6. Minnesota. Unbridled talent. (-1)
7. Northwestern. Shurna on the mend. (-1)
8. Michigan. Meh. (n/c)
9. Penn state. Restored faith in DeChellis. (+2)
10. Indiana. Bare cupboard? (n/c)
11. Iowa. Google "perimeter defense." (-1)