18 January 2011

Beilein on the hot seat

So far this year the wolfies up and fired one coach they stole from West Virginia (RichRod). Maybe they will do a 2-fer and can the other coach they stole from the Mountaineers, John Beilein? It's quite possible Beilein is on the chopping block as the Michigan fan base still remember the days of the Fab Five, and he has yet to do anything of note either on the court on the recruiting trails.

Michigan hired Brady Hoke away from San Diego State to replace DickRod. Will history repeat itself and Michigan steal both major revenue sport coaches from the same school? It's an interesting question since the San Diego State coach is none other than Steve Fisher, the guy who led the Fab Five to the national title as an interim coach.

Could it happen? Never say never. It would be special if Michigan were to (re)hire Fisher. NU can do its part in making it so by trouncing Michigan tonight at the Welsh. Si se puede!