04 November 2009

Recap: NU 78 RMU-IL 49 (Exh)

So... NU took care of business against the Eagles of RMU-IL this year.  What does this mean?  Not much.  It was an exhibition after all.  Still, I will take a shot at recapping the game because, well, I am just so damn excited for this season.

Overall, well, NU looked like a good team.  They looked solid across the board.  They played good defense. They looked organized and fluid on offense.  They looked tall and aggressive on the boards.  They looked reasonably athletic (still a work in progress, but improved over any NU squad in memory).  They did what good teams do -- pull away and coast against inferior competition.  Even with Carmody emptying the bench.

On Shurna... the guy looks much, much better.  Last year he was soft.  He looked like a frosh inside.  Not now.

On Coble... the guy will be Mr Reliable.  Sort of like Cal Cheaney from IU his senior year (no, I'm not predicting a Naismith for Kevin).  He's going to give us a dependable 16 and 6 night-in and night-out.

On Capocci.... he looks very athletic and probably should see some time against teams aggressive on the interior but with bigs who are bad passers (a small niche, yes, but a niche).  Why?  Because he shows good anticipation off the ball to block shots and can get up there.

On Curletti... still aggressive, still not much range.

On Fruendt... looks assertive but probably was a bit nervous as he didn't knock but one down from distance.

On Marcotullio... looks like a frosh.  Makes me nervous.

On Crawford... incomplete.  looks the part.

On Ryan... looks bigger, more confident

On Thompson... not his best game.  Not worried.

On Mirkovic... Looked ok.  Expect more from him this season.

On Peljusic... aggressive as always.  plays at 100 miles per hour which is unusual for a big.

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Next up: No Ill @ the Welsh on 11/13 7pm CST.

PS: While searching for recaps, I came across this article on the Trib's website.  I think it's safe to say we'd be looking for back-to-back tourney berths if Luke had come to NU instead of ND.