17 November 2009

Bad news comes in threes

The old saying goes that bad news comes in threes (just ask MSU fans who still have nighmares of Juice and Moore swishing 25 footers during NU's upset at E-L last year). NU's bad news has indeed come in threes (Carmody Court wish it were at the hands of another team's long range bombers and not as recapped below).

First, Kevin Coble suffered a mild lisfranc fracture which requires surgery and effectively ends his season. We wish Kevin well and at the very minimum hope that Kevin does not suffer any related long-term health issues. Better yet, we hope for Kevin's full recover in time for the 2010-11 season.

Second, Jeff Ryan went down with a torn ACL late in the first half of NU's first game of the season against NIU. Jeff is also done for the season. Carmody Court hopes that Jeff Ryan also has successful surgery, redshirts, and makes a full recovery in time for a very successful 2010-11 squad.

Third, The Daily reported that Jeremy Nash has a heart condition that can cause sporadic shortness of breath and requires Jeremy to wear a heart monitor. Carmody Court wishes Jeremy Nash the best with his condition, and PLEASE JEREMY, do not risk your health for college basketball if there is even the slightest risk of exacerbating your heart condition. If this means hanging up the shoes for the season or for your career then so be it. Lis francs and torn ACL injuries are difficult injuries in their own right, but heart issues are at an entirely different level. The very last thing we would like to see happen would be for your bad news to take a turn for the worse.