11 November 2009

Coble injures left foot in practice

It is forgivable if NU fans feel a little bit like Charlie Brown today.  This is because news broke this afternoon of a possibly severe injury to Kevin Coble's left foot suffered during Tuesday practice.   There isn't much in the way of facts available on the injury, but the latest word from the Trib is that Coble will be out for at least a few weeks.  So, much like Charlie Brown cajoled by Lucy to try to kick that football but only to find that the minx pulled the football away at the last second yet again, the promise of THE SEASON has seemingly been pulled out from under us just as the season is about to get started.  Good grief!

Immediate reaction among NU fans ranged from despondence (season is over) to paranoia (NU is cursed) to reassurance.  It is always interesting to see how different folks deal with loss.  While this is clearly terrible news for Kevin and for NU, there is no reason to completely lose our heads.  At the very least it is way too early to give up hope for the NCAAs -- let's at least know Kevin's expected absence before drawing any type of conclusions.

What we do know at this point is Coble will be out for the NIU game.  This is sure to improve NIU's chances and to hearten the 300+ NIU students who will be given free bus rides and tickets to the game.  I was amused to read in this article that one of the student's interviewed is an NU fan and that there are alot of NU fans on NIU's campus.  Whodathunkit?