18 January 2015

Weekend CCR awards

It's time to dust off the Carmody Court Ratio analyses.  These analyses are intended to take into account the quality of an opponent when assessing how a team has performed on an efficiency basis.  We will have more full blown analyses in the future, but for now we wanted to dip out toes back into water with some highlights of this past weekend's action.

Best overall performance:  Maryland.  The Terps easily had the best performance in their 75-59 beat down of Sparty in College Park.  Maryland played nearly 0.3 PPP better than B1G teams have managed to date against MSU.  Wow!

Worst overall performance.  Illinois.  The Illini performed 0.15 PPP worse against the Hoosiers in Champaign than Indiana's B1G opponents have managed to date.  This was principally a defensive breakdown for the Illini.

Best defense.  In a weekend generally marred by subpar defenses the Terps consistently strong defense once again topped the charts at 0.07 PPP better than B1G opponents have performed against Sparty's offense.  The only two other outperforming defenses locked horns in Ann Arbor where the Wolverines narrowly avoided going to OT against Northwestern.

Best Offense:  Wisconsin.  The Badgers turned on the jets against Nebraska in Madison to the tune of scoring 0.26 PPP more than the Huskers' B1G opponents have managed on average.

Worst defense:  Michigan State.  Sparty allowed the Terps to score 0.2 PPP more than they have in B1G games.

Worst offense:  Michigan.  The Wolverines scored 0.135 PPP less than NU has allowed in B1G play.