10 January 2013

MINNESOTA 69 Northwestern 51

Northwestern tried the stall offense.  Led 13-11 at the 4:00 mark.  We were mostly bored as the game wasn't much different than a women's basketball game.  We were also a tiny bit excited about that slow down BS actually working and leading to an upset.

Then  Austin Hollins heated up from distance.  The lead grew unmanageable.  Carmody went to the 1-3-1 as a last ditch effort to salvage the upset bid.  Hollins torched NU some more.  The rout was on.

We hate to pile on poor Kale Abrahamson, but he gets tossed around like a rag doll on defense.  We still think he needs to be benched in favor of our man Tre Demps.  Or even Cerina to help counter physically imposing teams like Minnesota.

Anywho....tonight we get to see NU play one of the few B1G games this year that NU could win.  And it's on the road.  If Penn State easily handles NU tonight then the circling vultures will begin to land even though Carmody is still alive and kicking.  The vultures have waited patiently to get their meal, and patience is at its end for them.   It is sad to see the lack of perspective, but we've grown to accept it among fans more generally and Coach Carmody's detractors more specifically.  C'est la vie.