25 January 2013

B1G Power Rankings

Yes.  The season turn around has inspired us to dust off the power rankings.  How long will it last? Stupid question.   Let's get to it.

1.  Michigan.  Trey Burke = tres bien.
2.  Indiana.  Cody Zeller = gaudy baller.
3.  Michigan St. Overachieving
4.  Minnesota.  Mbawke = Bantu for dominant.
5.  Wisconsin.  Bo knows coaching.
6.  Ohio St.   Thomas misses Sully.
7.  Iowa.  Poor man's Indiana 2011-12.
8.  Illinois.  Shots will start falling again.
9.  Purdue.  Doing it with defense.
10.  NU.  Doing it with defense?!?!
11.  Nebraska.  Saturday roadkill.
12.  Penn St.  Key injury + no depth = O-fer?