26 November 2012

B1G-ACC Challenge Preview

Here's the lineup:

Tuesday November 27, 2012
Minnesota at Florida State (-1.5)  6:15PM Central  ESPN2
Iowa at Virginia Tech (-2.5)  6:15PM  ESPNU
North Carolina State at Michigan (-8)  6:30PM  ESPN
Maryland at Northwestern (-5.5) 8:15PM  ESPN2
Nebraska at Wake Forest (-4.5) 8:15PM  ESPNU
North Carolina at Indiana (-8.5) 8:30PM  ESPN

Gamblers' Expected Result: 3-3 split  (as per offshore)
Kenpom.com Expected Result: 4-2
CC Nuggets: Gamblers expect home teams to protect thy house.  Three largest spreads are for B1G favorites.  Northwestern fans had better line up wgnradio.com as backup for first half coverage -- it is guaranteed that the Minnesota-Florida State game is going to TRIPLE OVERTIME.  If not longer.

Wednesday November 28, 2012
Virginia at Wisconsin (-11)  6:00PM Central  ESPN2
Purdue (+2.5) at Clemson  6:15PM  ESPNU
Michigan State (+7) at Miami (FL)  6:30PM  ESPN
Georgia Tech at Illinois (-11)  8:00PM  ESPN2
Boston College at Penn State (-12)  8:15PM  ESPNU
Ohio State (+4) at Duke  8:30PM  ESPN

Gamblers' Expected Result: 6-0 (as per Sagarin PREDICTOR)
Kenpom.com Expected Result: 4-2
CC Nuggets: 6-0 sweep is a bit much.  We're willing to sacrifice Purdue and Penn State if it means Ohio State takes the Dukies behind the woodshed down in Durham.

After a close battle on Tuesday the B1G is expected to win this thang going away on Wednesday to make it the fourth straight B1G victory (after ACC won the first 10).  Range of expected results are anywhere between a 7-5 to 10-2 margin of victory.