12 January 2012

Op Ed: Grow some SACK Wildcat fans!

Apologies in advance to our even handed blog meister and the yin to my yang, but I really don't give a damn about decorum right now.  Censor me if you want, but I've had enough of all these spineless "NU fans" who are wetting their pants and crying home to their mommies about last night's loss. Why should they be the only ones allowed to vent their frustrations and whine like little babies to their hearts content?

No.  Listen up, fools.  I don't know what the hell you were expecting to happen in Ann Arbor, but let me remind you that NU was a 9 point underdog.  So now that we were just a bobbled rebound out of bounds, an awful Sobo turnover under our hoop that turned into 2 points, a Reggie Hearn taking his eye of the ball and losing it out of bounds, a botched Marco breakaway layup, or an awful charging call on Shurna that erased a bucket away from winning on the road against the #13 team in the nation, it is now clear that this team has no chance of the NCAAs, that Carmody should be fired, that this team doesn't know how to win, that you're not going to watch/attend anymore games, blah ef'ing blah????

Do you morons even realize that Michigan is UNDEFEATED in Ann Arbor?  How about the fact that Wisconsin just got obliterated there?  And, oh yeah, they're ranked #13 (it's worth reiterating).  Or, that NU's power rankings have actually IMPROVED after last night's loss?

Look it.  I get that you are sick and tired of waiting for the NCAAs.  I am, too.  I get that people are especially frustrated because this season is supposed to be the last good chance of making it happen with Shurna graduating.  I even get the fans will be fans, and this sky is falling crap is all too common.

What pisses me off is that this outcry is even greater than normal when it came after an arguably decent performance by NU.  It also pisses me off that we are just 4 games into an 18+ game big ten season, and you're writing this team off already.  Yah.  I get it that you're all so smart and know that just because NU has lost to 5 ranked teams that NU doesn't belong and has no chance at the NCAAs.  It is all so EF'ING CLEAR now isn't it?

Let's see what some of the most common complaints are.  One of my personal favorites is that NU doesn't know how to win.  Are you all DERANGED?  Or, is it AMNESIA?   NU was one of the luckiest team in the nation before these last two losses.  For the totally clueless, that means that NU had pulled out more close games than nearly every other team in the nation.   Did you even watch the tournament in Charleston?  NU won three straight close games down there.  But who am I to say that facts should get in the way of a good rant?

Another fav is the conclusion that Carmody was an idiot for not sticking with the small lineup.  Yah, Carmody is such an idiot that he couldn't see for himself that the small lineup was working, and just decided to ditch it for no particularly good reason.   WTF is going through your heads?   Has it ever even occurred to you that Carmody had NO CHOICE but to go back to the big lineup because Marco's toe wouldn't allow him to play and because Cobb was forced to sit the entire game with injury?  No, that would be just to damn logical for this kangaroo court. Or, if accepted, I'm sure these nit wits will just use it as an indictment against Carmody's recruiting (and once again conveniently ignore all of the other, bigger reasons for why NU can't exactly take its pick of the litter).

Carmody was an idiot for blowing all his timeouts in the second half, right?  I bet the whiners complaining about this are the very same people who complained in the past the Carmody doesn't use timeouts to stop runs.  Sorry, Carmody, it's once again damned if you and damned if you don't!

I won't even get into the fact that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has concluded that NU needs to play better defense to have a shot at the NCAAs.  Oh wait I just did.  Ef it.  What have we seen over the last two losses?  Why, it's BETTER EF'ING DEFENSE!!!  Yet there is hardly any mention of this positive as it really doesn't fit with the fire Carmody agenda.

I also like the people who say the Seton Hall win was not that good because they weren't playing that well back in November.  Seriously?  Yeah, I can play that game and make all kinds of dumb ef'ing statements to say that NU is a lock for the NCAAs.  Sure, NU has lost to Illinois and Michigan, but the Illini and Wolverines played GREAT.  Michigan just blew out Wisconsin, and Illinois just beat Ohio State!  Not to mention the fact that NU played poorly in both games and still managed to nearly win.  If and when NU puts it all together in the very near future, you better watch the ef out big ten teams!!

OK.  I feel better now.  I see that Roger took the high road to catharsis by recounting the close losses over the years.  Pusses take the high road.  Just kidding, Rog.  I love your blog and style.  I'll fade back into the wood work for now.