12 January 2012

MICHIGAN 66 Northwestern 64 (F-OT)

Northwestern (11-5, 1-3) managed to one-up the torture factor from last week's game squeaker of a loss to  the Illini.  This go around NU shot out to a 7 point halftime lead, but Michigan went on a 12-0 run in the second half to even the scales and force the game into overtime.  Northwestern had a chance to send the game into a second OT with a three point deficit and Alex Marcotullio shooting three free throws with 0.3 seconds left.  Marcotullio clanged the first attempt, and that was that.

This game was a golden opportunity to atone for the loss to Illinois, but NU simply didn't get it done. Northwestern is back in action at the Welsh at 2PM Saturday when it takes on a Michigan State (15-2, 0-4) team that sits alone atop a stacked B1G.  With the first trimester ending in Madison next Wed Jan 18 this game against Spartica is a near "must win" if NU hopes to get back on track to a 2-4 record and leave some wiggle room for the NCAAs.  The dream ain't dead yet, but it is in critical condition.