26 March 2010

On the Elite Eight

Big Ten
Expected Sweet 16 Result: 1-2
Actual Sweet 16 Result: 1-2
Analysis: OSU disappointed but MSU surprised. We hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. The Big Ten is who we thought they were.....

Expected Sweet 16 Result: 1-1
Actual Sweet 16 Result: 2-0
Analysis: As we foreshadowed in our previous recap the SEC enters the Elite 8 smelling like a rose. Same might be said come Sunday with two very winnable games for KY and TN.

Expected Sweet 16 Result: 2-0
Actual Sweet 16 Result: 2-0
Analysis: The Big XII is finally living up to its billing. Imagine if Kansas hadn't been upset? KSU is tough on defense and opportunistic on offense. Sounds alot like Butler, their next opponent...

Big East
Expected Sweet 16 Result: 2-0
Actual Sweet 16 Result: 1-1
Analysis: The Big East is the Big Least. Syrexcuse is baaaaack. WVU has a tough game against Kentucky to help the conference regain some of its face.

Expected Sweet 16 Result: 1-0
Actual Sweet 16 Result: 1-0
Analysis: Duke won as expected. Yawn. Purdue is nothing more than a Sweet 16 team without Hummel. Oh puke! I just heard Seth Davis tooting Scheyer's horn. Baylor better expose these losers for who they are.....

West Coast
Expected Sweet 16 Result: 0-1
Actual Sweet 16 Result: 0-1
Analysis: Boo!!!!!! St Mary's cinderella story came to crashing halt against Baylor. Thanks for the memories, Gaels.

Pac 10
Expected Sweet 16 Result: 0-1
Actual Sweet 16 Result: 0-1
Analysis: Washington's loss was to be expected against a rugged WVU team. Not a good year for the Pac 10 by any stretch, but the conference's demise was greatly exaggerated.....

The rest
Butler continued to expose the Big East as a fraud with the victory over Syracuse, Cornell lost to Kentucky in a game that reminds us that great disparities of talent usually make a difference, and Northern Iowa lost to MSU which happens to many very good teams this time of year. Last year NU defeated the eventual national runnerup. Here's hoping that Butler (and MSU) make it to the Final Four so that we can take some solace that the losses against those teams were pretty understandable in retrospect.

Yes, even if that make Seth Davis' early prediction of Butler in the Final Four ring true. Besides that tool didn't even pick them in his actual bracket so it's hard to give him much credit. Give us many bites at the apple and we can pick and choose predictions that makes us look good too!