19 March 2010

NU season ends in Kingston

URI slowly pulled away from Northwestern en route to a 76-64 victory. Once again defense was Northwestern's (20-14, 7-11) Achilles heel. This time it was freshman bomber Akeem Richmond who stuck several daggers into the Wildcats.

So the focus again switches away from NU for the next couple of weeks as teams battle in the NCAAs. This is our favorite time of the year as we can't wait to hear what that moron Seth Davis has to say.

Let's see if Butler makes that Final Four run he infamously predicted at the beginning of the season. His love for the Big East looks to be right on the money per usual for him. And his call that Spokane was going to be the site of big upsets today is off to rousing start (Purdue is easily handling Siena).

Along the way we'll do the conference recaps. The Big Ten had no games yesterday so we'll kick that off soon enough now that first blood has been drawn today.