05 February 2010

From the mailbag: Should NU fans root for ND?

ND is a tricky one. On the one hand ND's success makes NU's victory over them stronger. On the other hand ND is a competitor for those last NCAAs at-large bids. What is the best ND outcome from NU's perspective?

We think NU fans should take the Goldilocks Approach in rooting for ND. NU fans should hope that ND is neither too hot nor too cold. Ideally ND would play itself to the "first team out" spot. That outcome maximizes the benefit NU can take from its neutral court victory while at the same time ND does not take a spot in the Big Dance from NU.

Of course it is difficult to say just how ND gets there, but right now ND is close but on the outside looking in. We will be quite satisfied if ND maintains its current status.

Do well Domers, but not too well!